Less Fields Simplify Registration form (elaborated question)

(1)How can I automatically give my email subscriber a username & password for after they enter their name & email address in the form on http://finqi.com/banks-pay-you/ ? (2)Or how can I make the registration form from membership2 look more like the screenshot?

Less Fields are less intimidating to potential members & Simplify the Register form. I included 3 screenshot files. (3)Do you see how I can think the 1 with 3 fields is a quicker sign up especially if it's in person. (4)What would be the best way to save time while still accomplishing the overall goal of having members use their email address as a username while also supplying just a name & a passwords in the registration form?

  • royall
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    I don’t know if you are getting my replies here so, I will copy & paste what I am writing in a new field. Please answer yes or no or I don’t know to the question. I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I have a new question as well. (1) Is there a way to make the membership pro 2 work with our http://banksloveme.com/FinQi-Tool/personal-free-checking which is also in php? (2) Also, do you have a good resource you recommend for turning what we have their into a shortcode so that our visitors can have that same content in a page within FinQi? (3)Overall, we just want only logged in FInQi Users using Membership Pro2 to be able to obtain the content in http://banksloveme.com/FinQi-Tool/personal-free-checking so what do you think is the best choice between the first 2 questions I asked?

  • Sajid
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    Hi @royall

    Its Sajid, working along side Patrick here :slight_smile:

    Do you have only one membership that you want your subscriber to signup for ? You want your members automtically subscribe that memberhip by using default WordPress registration form with email and username only (see screenshot).

    If yes then you can do it this way using membership plugin:

    – Set up only the Default membership on your site, and assign the content you want members to be able to access to that membership. The default membership is dynamically assigned to any logged-in user who hasn’t subscribed to any other membership. As you don’t have any others, it will be assigned automatically to all members.

    – To bypass the page with the Subscribe button and get your new signups to confirm their email address, add a 301 redirect to your htaccess file to redirect from your /register page to your /wp-login.php page, like so:

    Redirect 301 /register/ http://yoursite.com/wp-login.php?action=register

    Now whenever a user clicks any link to your /register page anywhere on your site, they will be taken automatically to the simple little form on wp-login.php where they enter only a username and their email. They will then receive an email with their temporary password.

    Please create separate ticket for each issue to get fastest response and according to our forum posting rules :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

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