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I work on a multisite for a school. I want a group of teachers to be able to help students with all aspects of their site, without giving them super admin privileges and without adding each teacher to each student sites users as administrators. Could I do this with a role editor? If so which do you recommend and what capabilities should I assign?



  • Simplebutcreative Media
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I think I have a solution for you.

    I’m trying to do something similar. I’m eventually going to recruit someone to my team or even possibly hire someone.

    You can try this plugin:


    With this plugin you can edit any of the role’s capabilities. You can even create your own user role with specific capabilities. I’m still testing it but it seems to be doing what I need it to do.

    This plugin is super popular and have great reviews. It’s updated consistently. They even have a pro version, which I’m looking into now.

    Have a look! It should be able to do the job.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Matt,

    I’m a bit confused by your request, I understand that you don’t want to give teachers super-admin privileges as you don’t want them to have access to all the stuff in network, but you still want them to be able to access each and every subsite.

    What’s not completely clear to me is why don’t you want to add teachers as subsite admins, is it only because it’s time consuming due to the number of teachers and subsites, or you want to have additional limitation to admins as well?

    User Role Editor that Simplebutcreative Media suggest might just do the trick here as it will allow you to further customize the existing roles, or create new ones, I would go with the latter one personally.

    You can also check https://wordpress.org/plugins/admin-menu-editor/ that could help you with hiding certain menu items in your subsites.

    Best regards,


  • Matt
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks, Simplebutcreative Media and Predrag Dubajic

    Why don’t I want to add them as subsite administrators, well, I have over 1000 sites, so yes time-consuming, I could bulk load it and also the student could remove the teachers if they wanted from their site.

    User Role Editor, yes, have to go Premium for multisite functionality. So this plugin is good? I find on a larger site some plugins cannot cut the mustard.

    I tried with https://wordpress.org/plugins/capability-manager-enhanced/, but it didn’t work as expected. I added ‘Unfiltered HTML’ capability to all administrators and then applied to the network, but it didn’t work. So I don’t have faith to use it to create a new admin role.

    Thanks, Guys.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Matt

    A User Role Editor is definitely a reliable plugin and I consider it one of the best tools of that type. But I admit that I never tried to set up anything like that and while I believe both User Role Editor and Admin Menu Editor could actually help a lot used together, I’m still having doubts about one thing here.

    You mentioned that you don’t want to add these teachers to sub-sites and that’s understandable with that many sites. However, even if you create a user role specifically for them and assign that user role to them, they’d still need to have that user role… on the site they are expected to deal with. So that would mean they would probably have to be added to these sites anyway, unless they are given a full super-admin role which, obviously, is not the best idea for security reasons.

    So while User Role Editor alone or in connection with Admin Menu Editor seem like a great tool for the job, I’m thinking that you might still need some sort of solution for adding these teachers to those sites. These could probably be something as simple as just an MU plugin that would take a “current user” ID, check user role and check if that user is registered on the site and if not, add the account. That’s doable with a bit of PHP code based on WP native routines.

    Having that said, I admit I’m not absolutely sure it will be necessary but I think you might want to keep that possibility in mind as it might turn out to be needed :wink:

    Best regards,


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