Let's discuss the combo of Multisite, Ultimate Facebook plugin & Buddypress

I’m hoping to get a lively conversation going regarding WP Multisite, Ultimate Facebook plugin, and Buddypress:

1) How to best use them together.

2) Benefits of using the Ultimate Facebook in combination with WPMU and BP.

3) Limitations when using them together…if any.

4) It seems like most individuals here are using WPMU and BP together and leaving Ultimate Facebook out of the mix.

5) Lastly, a simple +1 or -1 for using them together if you don’t care to write anything detailed :slight_smile:

No need to weigh in on all topics….and no need to stick to the discussion points I provided if there’s something else you’d like to discuss regarding the use of these three tools and the experiences you have had when using them together.

Cheers to the geeks,