Let's Set Things Straight: Does Ad Sharing Plugin ONLY Work on WP MultiSite Setup?

Hi, I am new to the community.

I was reading several posts regarding the Ad Sharing Plugin and its compatibility with single WP installs (non-Multisite setups.) Sadly, I was shocked by all the conflicting answers I saw, with some people stating it’s ONLY designed for WP Multisites, while other answers say that it also works on personal/regular WordPress.org blogs (non-multisites.) The below posts are all a year old or less.

Here the original poster is told that it DOES work on personal/single WP installs:


However, here is a contradicting answer:


Additionally, this post implies that it DOES work on single WP setups:


However, again, a sales representative told me several days ago that the plugin ONLY works for WP Multisite setups.

So, what’s the official answer? I have one WP multisite as well as a separate, personal blog (a single site, NOT multisite.) I’d like to install Ad Sharing on my personal single-site blog sometime, but these conflicting answers left me a bit speechless.

Enjoy your day!