Let's TEAM UP! feature request

Let's TEAM UP! feature request

Maybe not a new idea but I think it's worth thinking about.
There is so much I have to be thankful for in being a member here at WPMUDEV and I truly believe that IncSub and WPMUDEV are going in a great direction. The move toward instruction by means of the Academy will prove to be priceless in the long run, that I'm sure of.

As a feature request I would like the ability for all of us (members & staff (if not a conflict of interest)) to have the ability to build teams within. I ask this because I am human and there are just some things that I am not good at. With this in mind, the idea of teaming here within WPMUDEV would (in my mind) act as a meeting place or 'startup' place that would leap frog to other services out there that work well like Github.

This is something that I just had to get out of my head at the moment as there are many other things demanding my attention but I would really like to hear from everyone on what they think about this. - On the contrary if this is counter productive to other things in the works I would completely understand the removal of this post.

Many Thanks to All

  • Jason Rubin

    What is the intention to create a team?
    I think that the intention is transparency and being able to freely be proud members of WPMUDEV working together on anything - maybe kick 'Jobs and Pros' along a bit
    Develop something?
    why not?
    Help each other and share knowledge?

    I ask this because I am human and there are just some things that I am not good at.

    I would use it to connect with others who have strong points which I do not have.
    How it should work?
    Think that I'm the wrong person to answer these two at the moment. But I'm sure there is a plugin that can handle it.
    In a private group?
    My point is not privacy, though I could see it could turn into an issue.

    Ultimately - communication platforms like #slack will be where many teams end up ... rightfully so .... but I was thinking of this as a fostering move that could lead to members working together more in the light of being WPMUDEV members.

  • Jason Rubin

    Hi Julian & Jude

    Thanks for your votes and thoughts there. The more I think about this the more that I can possible benefits all the way around. Personally I could see it turn an area of WPMUDEV into a hub for some incredible team building.
    I also like the idea of it being focused around 'Jobs & Pros'!

    It's nothing new here but the web in general it's a Cluster *&^% and it's never been the question of enough opportunity, systems, programs and tools. Personally I think that facebooks continued domination and success in the ring of social media is only because some people ( I have no idea on numbers ) have had a rubber band effect. I left facebook for a year and ended up going back because some family members are so tied into it( for a number of reasons) and I don't want to loose out on that communication with them. *** what I'm getting at here is that I feel we are definitely at a point of TOO MANY choices and tools out there. WPMUDEV has been and will be my number 1 goto for anything WP related then it trickles down from there.
    Having this feature could attract many potentially new members to WPMUDEV if word gets out that:
    -I suck at graphics but I hear there is a person over at WPMUDEV who is awesome and always looking to team up.
    -I can't code but I have ideas....
    -John just left our team! he was our only php guy! what do we do?

    Just my view on things but I really think that it could become a valuable HUB.

    Back to it : )
    Hope that everyone out there is having a great week!

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