Levels and their limits

Hello everyone,
My config is : WordPress 3.0, BuddyPress 1.2.6 and some plugins

I do need some help to set the two plugins "Wordpress Membership" & "Supporter" work together.
First, the supporter plugin works perfectly for me, but as i wanted to create member levels // sbscriptions, i installed the "WordPress membership" plugin.
But here comes the troubles, after installing it:
- I've set the stranger level and it works fine for visitors at main page BUT when i place the buddypress pages (members, groups, blogs...etc) at the negative part of the "Stranger Level", it doesnt work, and visitors are still able to see members page, as groups and blogs.
- Same for Other Levels, the Negative for a level doesnt work at all.
- Last thing i wish to make after i fix things above is : how can users upgrade their subscriptions? from free to others and so? and how can i hide the "supporter" updgrade page at the backend to make the membership upgrade subscription the default one?

Thank you for these great plugins again and thank you for your hep :slight_smile: