License/terms-of-use query

Hey everyone!

Just joined in yesterday and I was almost up all night digging into the awesomeness here :slight_smile: Now, I happened to stumble on a plugin that would fit very nicely as an add-on with an info product that I am working on right now. So, can I legally package the plugin as a part of a bigger bundle that I am selling? I will be working out a custom theme and will probably be tweaking the plugin a bit so it isn’t quite exactly the same. The license says GPL, which is why I am even daring to ask this :slight_smile:

I tried looking up reselling terms but couldn’t find any. I understand that I might use this on client sites, but that’s not the same as being a part of a product on a public marketplace, so just thought I’d clarify.

And umm, I am really brand new here, so not sure what forum this goes into. Hopefully the mods can move it up if it is wrongly placed. Thanks much!