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I love what you guys have developed here. I would like to get a life time membership of this site.

I just want to know if it's ok to help someone or offer some sort of service in return for rep points.

I create animated videos so would it be fine if I go on forum and start a thread saying something like "I will create a custom animated video for you for 100 points." and basically create videos for members who are willing to give me points in return for the video?

Video is just an example. May be something else such as graphics, content or anything.

I would like to know if it's fine with wpmudev if I do it.

  • Tom Eagles


    The Idea behind Life time memberships is to encourage people to help each other and contribute to the community.

    From the 1000 points you need to get 400 pts. from members by helping them with problems or receiving them from staff members for helping out other members or adding some form of contribution such as sharing code snips etc.

    Lifetime membership is achievable the way it's setup at the moment for example it took me four weeks +/- to get it from the time i got my first points.

    I will check into this for you to get a definitive answer.



  • bharat

    @ROIBOT, I had the same thought in mind whilst thinking about it that's what's in it for and a potential loss of business.

    But then I thought that it will be a motivation for people who have already achieved life time membership. Let say I accumulate 1000 (as described by wpmudev) and I got the life time membership than there is no motivation left for me to keep helping other members but if I can get some valuable service in return for my accumulated points then it will keep me motivated to accumulate as much points as I could even after getting life time membership.

    The points will be like currency on wpmudev platform. Just my 2cents.

    @Tom, I can understand and I look will forward for your reply.

  • Timothy Bowers

    There is no issue with you helping other members out in any way you like.

    You know some of the more complex plugins we have are membership and Pro Sites, I'm sure members would love to see some video tutorials of those (requested lots). :wink:

    The key here is not begging for points in other words give without requirement or anticipation of receiving something in return because to be honest not everyone is so giving. I've spent 2 minutes on a post before and received 10 points or so, then I've spent an hour or more on another, holding their hand throughout and not even had a thank you at the end. (well until another member prompted them too).

    So the way I see it is there are no issues providing you don't make points a requirement, no bartering for points nor begging and requesting.

    Do it because that's the type of kind hearted person you are, forget about the points and honestly you'll be there in no time at all. It took me two to three weeks when I was a member and the offer launched.

    Make sense?


Thank NAME, for their help.

Let NAME know exactly why they deserved these points.

Gift a custom amount of points.