Lightbox question


I have installed MarketPress and FrameMarket. I have created a child theme based on GridMarket and I have an issue with Lightbox. In this new theme, I have installed a lightbox jquery. When I click on an image from the store however, both lightboxes act: the store's and the theme's.

See here:!prettyPhoto

How can I use the jquery lightbox from the store on all the images from my website?


  • DavidM

    Hi Giovanni,

    MarketPress' lightbox is only affects a href links that have the mp_lightbox class. If you add that class to your image links, MarketPress' lightbox effect should take over.

    You could potentially remove references to that from MarketPress, mainly on line 1636 of marketpress-includes/template-functions.php, which reads as follows:
    $class = ' class="mp_product_image_link mp_lightbox"';

    It's not really advised to change the plugin code, but there's not really a simple method to removing the existing lightbox.

    However, adding the mp_lightbox class to your links may just do the trick for you, like so for example:
    <a href="image-link" class="mp_lightbox"><img src="image-file"></img></a>


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