Lightbox/Shadowbox/Colorbox Suggestions?

Good morning!

I was curious if anyone had any suggestions for a Lightbox/Shadowbox/Colorbox plugin that works with multisite? It needs to automatically add the code to images (our clients aren't tech savvy enough to do it on their own) and have the capabilities to iFrame a page or video (manually is fine).

We were previously using Lightbox Plus and it worked great, however it no longer works with the most recent version of WordPress and it might also be conflicting with Thesis with the iFrame page/video (we're still trying to confirm that).

We also use NEXTgen, so it would also be nice if we could locate a plugin that utilizes Shutter so we don't have competing image plugins.


  • Saunt Valerian

    I think your problem is best met with two plugins to find a solutions. Opinions might vary, but I think having a clean and easy lightbox solution for images is different than having a lightbox solution for video and iframes.

    I've been using Simple Lightbox ( awhile now. I run it on multisite and I haven't tested it specifically as a network activated plugin because I use it as a premium upgrade. However, it really is an activate and forget plugin - and it works flawlessly. There are settings to configure, however, even if you never touched them, the images and slideshows will be displayed beautifully. Best part is that it is clean and light. I run on on a network that has over 50 plugins network activated (or mu- activated) and I've never encountered as much as a hiccup or conflict with it.

    I think the video and iframe solution deserves something more robust and I'm going to recommend a modal plugin for that. You mentioned that your users are not so tech-savvy so this may cause a learning curve to develop so you mileage may vary. I use and recommend the Sugar Modals plugin from Pippins Plugins ( It can handle your video needs, and far more because of its flexibility. But there is a learning curve, and if you do use it, you may have to tutor your bloggers and site owners (or at least provide documentation). Pippin is known to be a skilled programmer and his plugins are clean and lightweight.

    All in, I think the simplicity and ease of use of the Simple LIghtbox plugin is unmatched. I think when it comes to putting videos and iframes into popup windows, its matter of asking oneself if that kind of functionality really is necessary. In my opinion, in most cases it feels like a design gimmick, however, I can certainly foresee use cases where it would be useful and practical. For example, multiple videos on one page, or an educational environment where video lessons are group together and using a popup/lightbox/modal would be a great way to display them from multiple links on the page.

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