Like box widget destroys other widgets

This is an odd issue, I admit I have no real clue how to properly figure out what is happening or if this is an issue with Ultimate Facebook or New Blog Templates… Anyway, here is a rundown of what I am doing:

We have a Wordpress Multisite test installation, on it we have installed New Blog Templates as well as Ultimate Facebook (and some other plugins). I recently purged the database tables to remove all cruft that might be left from testing plugins and doing development. So the setup is currently:

The main site (, granted extended permissions)
The template site (, granted extended permissions)

When I create a new site using the blog template everything should be copied over (widgets, settings, themes, categories, yes everything that the plugin allows). The new site, when created does indeed seem to contain all this, the site is also reporting that extended permissions has been granted. But only when looking in the admin interface.

All widgets are there in their right places, filled with content as they should be. Except when visiting the site, then most widgets are missing and that would be the widgets that are printed after Facebook Like Box. If I remove the Facebook Like Box the other widgets shows again.

This is not a case of broken HTML, the other widgets are indeed not to be found even when looking at the page source. Where should I look to best troubleshoot this?