Limit Access But Show Courses

Ok so I've setup Membership Pro 2 on my site and have CoursePress Pro 2 as the items in the membership. What I'm trying to accomplish (and have thus far failed) is to allow the /courses/ page to show all the available courses on the site but not allow anyone to get the course unless they are a member. Right now the /courses/ page is protected by Membership. If I uncheck that page, then they can sign up for the course because technically it's "Free" for members. So the goal here is to show everyone all the courses we have in the membership but not let them actually get the course unless they are in the membership. I tried a few different settings including allowing access but hide the modules (which isn't desirable). Just want unregistered user to be able to see the courses and only members through the membership to actually get the course material. Thanks!

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Darin,

    In this case you would need to use separate page for showing all the courses for non-members and insert course shortcode

    [course show="title,summary,action_links" course_id="2233" show_title="yes"]

    2233 would be your course ID (you can see all parameters of that shortcode in CoursePress Pro -> Settings -> Shortcodes.

    Still protect courses in Membership and use that shortcodes on non-protected page - it will let you display that course with link to details of the course - but when user will click that link it will be redirected to protected page.

    Let me know if this would work for you.

    kind regards,

  • Darin

    Thanks Kasia. That makes sense. I'll basically create a new page called "All Courses" (as an example) and then add the short codes of the courses on that page to make it immolate the pre-existing "courses" page. My issue now is that the "Courses" in the nav with the search icon will still show blank for non members. Is there a way to change that url that the Courses in the Nav goes to? In the mean time I've removed the optin inside of the CoursePress Pro that says "add to navigation" so I don't see the item. I will just make a new menu item for the page that I've created Thanks!

  • Rupok

    Hi Darin,

    Thanks for asking. In that case, please go to your "Dashboard > CoursePress Pro > Settings > General Settings" section and uncheck the "Display Menu Items" option. Please check the attached screenshot for reference.

    That will remove those three menus from your site. Now go to your "Dashboard > Appearance > Menus" section and create those three custom menus with your desired URL.

    I believe, this will serve your purpose.

    Please let us know if you have any confusion or any further query. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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