Limit access to plugin settings.

I am building a wp multisite that will bring all user posts to the main blog, but I want to set a minimum number of words and a maximum number of links on a post.

Currently, I have the free plugin WyPieKacz network activated. THe only problem is that all subsites can change the post restrictions. Is there a plugin on wpmudev or elsewhere that would allow me to limit the subsite access to a particular plugin's settings?

  • Elliott Bristow
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    Hey admin (interesting username),

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    I'm afraid this would very much depend on the plugin and how the settings are managed. We don't have our own plugin to handle user roles and capabilities, but you could try a Role Editor, like, however that will only be able to limit permission if the plugin has set it's own capabilities for it's settings page... which is not very common!

    A more likely fix would be to edit the plugin itself to change the minimum capabilities required to edit the settings. This could be quite a tricky fix, so you might want to bring in a developer to assist you. You're welcome to list a job on our Job Board to help you find one if you like?

  • mark
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    I was actually able to solve this problem with menu editing plugin. Users below super admin cannot see the plugin's settings. So, they must accept the post length parameters I dictate. This plugin has a lot of uses, especially when combined with Easy Blogging. For anyone who reads this post later, the plugin is called Admin Menu Editor. For the wpmu dev developers, the show/hide plugin function would be a great add on function for easy blogging.

    I appreciate the help.

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