Limit number of sites a user can create

Hey there!

I have a feature request for Pro-Sites:
It would be great to limit the number of sites a user can create on a multisite. I know there's a plugin ( which hasn't been updated for a while.

I'd really love to see this feature built in Pro-Sites!


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey David,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The plugin you're referring to should still work, I think, as the way the sites are created in Multisite environment hasn't changed significantly. It is now integrated with Pro Sites however.

    I agree though that such a feature would make a great addition to Pro Sites so let's see if more members of our community will support that idea. Most features such as this one are added to our plugins upon community requests: if it gains enough popularity our growth team reviews the idea and decides whether to include it into future release.

    Thanks for suggesting it!
    Have a nice day,

  • MapSteps
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Adam,

    sounds good! I think it would also makes sense to change the number of sites depending on which level a user has. Lets say there are three plans: free, basic and agency.

    if one of the users sites is basic, he can add up to 5 sites. if one of his sites has agency-status, he could add up to 10 sites. Something like this.

    The code-snipped Ash provided in his post ( also works. Would be great to see the ability to limit blogs/sites on a specific level/plan.

    Here's the same request again:

    so there are already 3 requests for this feature now :slight_smile:

    Have a great day!

  • GeekMaster
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    Me too, I vote for that feature to be added to PRO sites. It is important to limit the number of sites created by each user and also to charge users for creating more sites .. it makes sense.
    That will definitely be a great addition to Pro sites.

    Thank you

  • silvio
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I have set up a Multisite to allow logged in users to create their own sites. The default Wordpress setting is users can create unlimited number of sites. However, if I want free (non-paid) users to be able to create 1 site and paid users to be able to create 3 sites, I don't find any way to set these limits.

  • jetmac
    • Recruit

    Adam Czajczyk ,

    This request has been repeated over and over for years... The issue is not that it isn't a good idea, not that it hasn't been requested, it's that WPMU hasn't bothered to take it seriously and do it.

    This ability would have greatly benefited a previous community I was running and our marketing of the product was definitely affected by not being able to expend the offerings to a single paying enterprise client.

    For example, we offered author websites. For a single author, they only needed one. A small publisher, perhaps 20. A large publisher, unlimited (hundreds). But, going one-to-one we were unable to provide that and so had a much harder time marketing to enterprise level clients. Without the ability to easily facilitate a broader, higher paying client, the network eventually failed.

    This is a valid need for ProSites and multisite networks to thrive in the modern marketplace. We aren't asking for this stuff for no reason - the current business environment requires this type of function.

    ProSites needs to adapt to the needs of the market.

  • MapSteps
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    we've stopped using Pro Sites as it remains unmaintained and we kept running into endless issues.

    We're now using either Restrict Content Pro (+ Site Creation Add-On & custom code) or WP Ultimo.

    That's probably a bit off-topic but I hope some of you may find this helpful.


    • GeekMaster
      • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

      I agree with Jetmac & Mapsteps.

      This feature (like many others) has been requested over and over again but I see that WPMUDEV chooses to ignore requests for years, no matter how much demand or votes they get from their members!

      Prosites is one of those plugins that need to adapt to the market needs. It's a great plugin but it also needs to adapt to our business needs, otherwise, we will start looking for alternatives!

      In fact, it's already happening. WPultimo already has this exact same feature that we are arguing about! Plus, they have a great dev roadmap. They will even add the option to import sites from Prosites to Wpultimo. Watch out WPMUDEV or you'll be losing the rest of your Prosites customers soon.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello guys!

    This thread was started quite some time ago and it has actually become a bit more popular just now so it might be "re-evaluated".

    I realize that this particular feature must be important for you and I know it's also been requested a couple of times but I would like to assure you that the fact it's not implemented yet has absolutely nothing to do with anything even slightly close to "ignoring" a request. We've got different plugins and services here and over time both popularity of them and "usage patterns" change. We need to provide compatibility, implement fixes and choose features. Like with every product, there's a need for prioritization and so far, it seems there were other tasks (and I'm referring to Pro Sites here) that had to be addressed first.

    Not being in a position to make decisions about what's going to be implemented, I cannot promise you that it will be added or give you an ETA but I can say with full responsibility that we do listen to you - where by "you" I mean all Members of WPMU DEV, using various plugins and tools that we provide, those being Pro Sites but also for example Hummingbird, Snapshot or The Hub, Automate etc.

    Sometimes there are feature requests that simply "don't hit their time" and are never implemented. Sometimes there are those that just catch massive attention right away and are implemented quite fast. And some of them just "get there" little by little or they do not "get there" when they are posted but after some time they a revived again and make it through that second or third time.

    This request has now been "brought back alive" so let's just let other Members vote for it too. I'll forward it to Pro Site developers directly so they could put it under consideration again.

    Kind regards,

    • jetmac
      • Recruit

      Adam Czajczyk ,

      I think the issue at hand here, and the source of many paying ember's frustration, is that WPMU seems to reach a point with their plugins where they simply stop innovating - even many very popular plugins, such as ProSites, MarketPress, etc. They stop taking user requests - which, admittedly, can be very tough to satisfy every request - and they stop innovating. As users go elsewhere to products that are innovating (WP Ultimo in this case), WPMU starts to say how they have lost ground to other plugins and, hence, not seeing the need to innovate/improve.

      This, of course, sets the cycle for more people to grow disillusioned with WPMU and their commitment to their customers and their own plugins. This was completely exacerbated by the closing of Upfront (which many longer term members predicted), putting WPMU's commitment to it's customers and plugins even more questionable.

      WPMU needs to seriously re-evaluate what they are doing as a company, what their direction is going to be, and what they are actually going to do and support. They need to do a much better job of communicating this to their members. The Whip is a great little newsletter for general WP and tech stuff, but there really should be a member focused one where WPMU actually talks about their products and keeps its paying members up to date on what they are doing. This has been asked multiple times over the years and has never happened. So, now I'm asking again here for WPMU to actually communicate with their members in a meaningful way about the intent toward their plugins.

      ProSites hasn't had much of a feature upgrade since it was first launched. The most that's happened is a better pricing table, that still leaves a lot to be desired and requires a lot of CSS to make it look right (plus, its insanely complicated and confusing to figure out and use, just saying.)

      One would have expected that with the release of Forminator, that it would act as a solid onboarding system (long requested and never any action - also something that WP Ultimo has since developed) that would allow for more fine tuned control over New Blog Templates (a feature WPMU pioneered and has since largely chosen to ignore and WP Ultimo has since adopted and developed) and enable drip emails to new members via eNewsletter by member level (also, a much requested and long ignored feature request - something that WP Ultimo has now jumped on via Mailchimp integration).

      One could say that the best development plan WPMU competitors could have is to simply watch these forums and listen to the customer requests, comparing them to the current marketplace, and using that analysis to develop an innovative roadmap. It looks to me like WP Ultimo is doing that very well - building their business as WPMU stands idly by and says "I'll move this request to our Features forum and see if we get some +1s to support it."

      When you say "lets' just let other Members vote for it" many of us have been around long enough to know that means the idea will never happen and we should look to other plugins to get a timely solution.

      Your apology and explanation is nice - and appreciated - but WPMU's long past of disappointment means it rings hollow. Sorry, but your history doesn't give you much credibility. ProSites hasn't made a meaningful innovation since October 2011 when it launched 3.0 - that's a long time to sit still. Still, without a means to enable https for mapped subdomains, perhaps its time to let ProSites - and any multisite-based business model - to just fade out and die. If WPMU intends that, they should say so.

      But, if Domain Mapping could be upgraded to lead the charge of simplifying and enabling subdomain https, that would be amazing and could revitalize the entire business model for multisite. Perhaps that's what you meant by "there were other tasks" you needed to tend to. One can only hope.

      WPMU either needs to modernize and innovate, or they need to publicly say that they will only support the "super hero" plugins moving forward and that all others will only receive security/compatibility updates until a specific phase out date.

      Innovate, die, or pivot. WPMU needs to make a decision. It's come to that.

      • Predrag Dubajic
        • Support

        Hi jetmac,

        Thanks for your feedback, I see that you have also commented on Upfront blog post and you probably already saw what James has written there so I will not write much here.

        As you see there are already some changes and further plans on how things are being done here in WPMU DEV and those changes will hopefully bring more great stuff to our members, regarding both our new products and services as well as some older ones that didn't get much love as they might have.

        We do appreciate sharing your thoughts and I've forwarded your post to our management team to keep them up to date with community thoughts and ideas :slight_smile:

        Best regards,

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