Limit orders to be viewed based on user permissions

Hi WMUDev Team,

Thank you for the previous tip on how to remove the linking associated with items in the shopping cart. I will try it and let you know of my success

This request refers to something not so simple. We are shipping items internationally & Domestically. We have a office in China that will be handling all Asia orders. All other orders (Europe, North America, South America, etc.) will be fulfilled by our California office.

So my question, which can be developed/coded in any fashion that is deemed the easiest by the dev team, is how would we be able to separate Asia-oriented orders from all other orders? We would like to associate these orders to a specific username/permission so they cannot view any other orders.

If this requires a external fee from what we have paid for the year; then so be it. Please provide an appropriate quote to move forward

This is a critical feature that would solve a lot of hassle in terms of communication between both offices and overall customer privacy.

Please let me know what we can do. Thank you again WPMUDev!