Limit posts on blog home page - WordPress blog integrated with Magento site


We are working on a site ( that uses FishPig to integrate the WordPress blog with the Magento store. What we are trying to do is show twenty posts on the blog home page *and* limit the number of total posts shown to twenty, so that there is no pagination.

So far, in the WP admin panel, I've set blog pages to show up to twenty posts (under Settings > Reading), and then on the Magento side in the WP list template, I've tried variations on the following:

<ul id="post-list">
     foreach($posts as $post): ?>
       <li class="item<?php if ($post->isSticky()): ?> featured<?php endif; ?>">
	 <?php echo $this->getPostRenderer($post)->toHtml() ?>
     if ($i > 19) break;
     endforeach; ?>

I'm so close, but not quite there! Is this something you are able to help with?

Many thanks!