limit the number of "activated" plugins per ProSites levels


first off i would like to be clear if this even makes sense.

stage :
a multisite offering sites, themes and plugins via ProSites.
also i would imagine higher ProSite "levels" typically offering not just plugins of greater value (MarketPress, CoursePress, Chat etc.) but by default would therefore have access to a lot more individual plugins.

so most if not all these plugins being offered via the "Premium Plugins" module would therefore not be network activated.
so what i am trying to get at is plugins would not use server resources unless they are activated.
lets face it, there are people that love to try and break things regardless of if they are trying to be malicious or just plain experimenting.
They may have access to a dozen plugins where they may activate all even though they only require a few.

technically, am i correct in saying the more plugins activated in this environment the much greater the load on the entire network ?

To be honest the idea struck me in thinking of some way to help out with speed after i almost always see and feel slow down in the admin and front end (especially admin) when i install A LOT of plugins in a multisite test site.
i know by its nature multisite uses and requires a lot more resources.

also i was thinking what sense it would make to allow/offer lets say 12 plugins but only allow 6 to be activated simultaneously (just random numbers) - that may not fly well with customers.
But the point is to safeguard the entire network, if not from resources but also reducing the risk of plugin conflicts.

i am honestly not convinced if its a great idea or makes total sense.
Any kind thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated !!!

if its the greatest idea since slice bread then lets please +1
if its total garbage then likewise please let me know why and how.
the more thoughts the better :slight_smile:


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Amused,

    Hope you're doing well this weekend!

    I'm not a system admin at all, so can't really speak much on the server side of things here.

    technically, am i correct in saying the more plugins activated in this environment the much greater the load on the entire network ?

    Are we talking network activated plugins here? or just plugins in general? Network activated plugins definitely will be affecting all sites. Site by site plugins will only have their code loaded on the site they are on. With that said, having tons of plugins activated site by site could bloat up your DB and slow other sites down. When your network starts to get really large, thousands of sites then you will want to consider moving to multiple DB's:

    What I would do is have a sandbox setup and test any plugin that I consider adding into the network to make sure I avoid adding ones that cause conflicts.

    Using a VPS that you can easily scale up as your network grows is really helpful too.

    I think limiting the amount of plugins active at the same time would speed up the site, but like you mention customers might not be too happy about it :stuck_out_tongue:

    Hope this helps! Definitely interested to see what other members have to say too.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    All the best,

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