Limit the # of posts that are displayed from each site?

Is there anyway to limit how many posts are shown from each blog? Most of my sites are updated once daily but I have one that is updated more frequently and that site completely dominates the widget. I'd like to limit it to 3 posts then it'll still show a more diverse representation of the networks content, not just the most recent posts.

  • drmike
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    You know this was a problem with itdamages site wide plugin way back when as well. We never did fix that either.

    One thought that comes to mind is an array with the urls of the blogs in question. Before adding in the post, check to see if the blog url is found in the array. If it is, skip over this post. If not, add the post to the feed as well as add in the url of the blog to the array. Then go on to the next post until you get all of the posts that you need.

    Gotta admit that if this is a heavily trafficked blog in question, you could always make it a special blog. (*wink* *wink*) Stick their feed up somewhere on the front page, promote it and quietly stick in a check to the widget that if a post from their blog comes up, just skip over it and only list the other blogs.

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