Limit view of post to original author

Goodday everyone.

I’m working on a little project for a client and it has become a hair pulling exercise. I’m using Gravity Forms to allow visitors to create an account and enter a question/comment that becomes a post in a specific category. Since they have an account after they submit the comment, they can log back in and see any responses to it.

However, I was trying to make each person’s question/comment private only to them. Marking the post as “private” does not work as it hides it from everyone – even the original author when they log back in.

I’ve tried a half dozen code hacks that I’ve found and probably a dozen different plugins, but can’t find what I need to make this happen.

Here’s a synopsis of what I’m trying to accomplish:

Visitor A posts a comment/question

Visitor B posts a comment/question

Visitor C posts a comment/question

All of these questions are given a specific category that is only used for comments submitted through this form.

Visitor A logs back in. Visitor A should only see things that Visitor A has posted. However, at resent, Visitor A sees contributions from Visitor B and C as well.

Visitor B logs back in. Visitor B should only see their post, but sees those from Visitor A and C as well.

Visitor C logs back in. Visitor C sees posts from Visitor A and B as well.

Visitors that are NOT logged in cannot see any of these posts because they are on a page that I have hidden except to logged in users.

I had considered writing something that would display posts on that page that were tied to the current logged in user. But, I decided that it may be a bit over my head. Maybe it’s the meds from the flu making me fuzzy, but I just can’t wrap my head around it today.

In our vast knowledgebase of the WPMUDev community, does anyone know of anything that will accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Thanks in advance for anyone that can point me in the general direction.

James Dunn

Athens, GA USA