Limit which jetpack applications are available in multisite

I should maybe just ask jetpack support this question but I do see some discussions here on jetpack so here it goes :slight_smile:

I have a client that wants to use the "publicize" module of jetpack but not any of the others.
They like publicize in jetpack because to post on facebook you don't have to setup an api and its just quick and easy to get it up & running.

I haven't used many social media posting plugins but it seems that the single plugins usually require some api setup which confuses many of my noob users.

So it seems that jetpack has the easiest to use & setup but then you get all the other modules included as well which I don't need. With jetpack each site does have to create a connection to wordpress but that easier than a api setup.

I just don't want all my users to be able to add all the additional modules available in jetpack as they will then likely be asking a lot of questions on how things work so I am trying to keep it simple.

Anyone know if there is anyway to limit which jetpack features are made available for activation? So I am only make publicize visible for my users to activate & not the others?

Is this a bad idea to install jetpack when only one feature is going to be used?
Would be nice if I could just install & use publicize and not the others.

Or any other suggestions?