Limit Widgets and Plugins to bloggers WPMU

Noob question here.

I noticed that alot of my plugs and widgets are freely available to the bloggers on my site (I only have 3 created test suscribers to see what they could see on the dashboard). The site is a dot (us) called "Doylestown (DOT)us". What is the best way to limit plugins to the people that sign up for my blog. I would just like to give them a few basic widgits to blog (nothing fancy). Also I would like the users of the blogs just to have 1 basic theme, unless there is a way to have like 3-5 basic themes to use.


  • thebutcher

    Sorry, I think I explained it wrong, but also I think I may have figured it out. I was reffering to when a user creats a blog and goes to their dashboard, before I made this change all the buddypress widgets on the main blog appeared to the new "user's dashboard with a blog" (For example Classifeds, Chat plugins ect.. showed up as plugins to use) on the 'user's blog".

    I think I went to the super admin (but unsure, It could of been in settings, I got to double check) but I unchecked a plugin box viewable to users, and now the user who creates their own blogs basicly just get the basic plugins for there blog on the dashboard to ad as widgets and they can't see the plugins pannel..

    Sorry once again if I did not explain this well. (I guess the main question I am trying to ask is how to determain what "new user blogs" gets initial or available widgets/plugins on their own blog created from the main WPMU site. Just like "what theme options do they get to use when they register a new blog".


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