Limitations of marketplace - are there any other options?


I've been searching for a couple of weeks for a marketplace plugin which will allow all of the following;

* A central area with categories which will include all listings by all sellers of that item type, regardless of them having their own store/subdomain (if I really have to have that option for them, although I'm not that fussed about this being an option for them tbh)

* The ability to charge both a listing and percentage final value fee for all listings - WPMU marketplace doesn't do this, does it? (I want people to be able to pay say 20p to list each item for 4 weeks, then a percentage only if they sell anything).

* The only option available to buyers should be to receive their payments directly via paypal/other online shopping carts - I don't want to deal with any of their money. I simply want to invoice them monthly for what they have listed/sold.

If marketplace is not capable of doing this for me, what would it cost me to get it changed so it would?

Or are there any online shop creation solutions available, as a standalone site, which I can just link to from my site?



  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Sally,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    I don't believe our MarketPress plugin would be suitable for you here, you can charge a fee percentage on the sale price, but it would require your site to be a multisite install and for them to have a sub site.

    You could then charge them a fee for their sub site using something like Pro sites.

    I have taken a look around and perhaps something like this would work for you?


    Kind Regards

  • Sally

    Hi @Jack Kitterhing

    With chained payments, am I only responsible for the smaller amount I receive as the second payee? I mean with regards to taxes. This is what I'm trying to avoid, I don't want to have to add the total costs people pay for items to my yearly tax return, it would look like I had a huge turnover, yet I'd only be getting 3% or something from the sale!

    Also, with regard to taxes generally, do I have to add these to the items, or can I simply say to each vendor it's your responsibility to pay your taxes from your earning and declare it all (and same goes for me). Adding taxes to the prices on the site sounds complicated, would rather avoid it!

    If I set this up with multisite, will there be one central place where everyone can see all products from all stores underneath global categories?

    Will multisite slow my site right down? I know my hostgator shared hosting plan can't cope with loads, but do you think it would cope with say 10 stores with 10 products in each?

    I looked at the link you sent me, but can't find an option where I can set up payments to go directly to individual vendors, only to my account and I then have to split it. As mentioned above, I don't want to do this, it sounds like an awful lot of cash going through my tax return which I'm not even earning :disappointed:



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