Limited # of Previews.

Is it possible to use the membership plugin to give users the opportunity to view some content X # of times as a preview, and then to lock out/force registration? If not, are you aware of any plugins (wpmudev or otherwise) that might provide this functionality? Or any way to pull it off period?


  • Brian Purkiss

    This would be extremely difficult to accomplish, as it would be easy to spoof that you've never been to the site through many different techniques. It'd be as simple as a quick proxy and viola, it's like you've never been to the site before and you can view it for free again.

    The only true way to count the number of times someone has visited a page would be through a login.

    While it isn't what you're looking for, maybe out Pay with a Like plugin would be a close alternative?

  • Ryan Neace

    Thanks for your response. I'd agree that this is accurate, but it is still successfully employed. Pay porn sites are notorious for this - watch X # of vids free, and then you gotta sign up. Yes, you could proxy your way around this, but if the billion dollar porn industry is any indication, most people are too dumb to go that route. The average user doesn't even know what the term proxy means, let alone how to execute it.

    The like thing doesn't work, of course, because I need more than likes to help feed my kids. :slight_smile: I want to provide a free, no login-required trial with X number of views, that then says, "You gotta sign up now!"

    Can someone else help or provide a resource to get me moving in that direction?

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