Limiting Recent Custom Posts to display specific custom fields only

Hell WPMU Dev team,
In regards to this plugin "Recent Custom Posts" I was wondering if ti would be possible to pull the value of a custom field instead of the custom category all together.

For instance, the theme I'm using has custom taxonomies (Ads) and it allows me to create custom fields as part of the form that users need to fill out, one of those custom fields is labeled "Travel alert" where basically the user can input "text field" their travel notice. This gets updated in their Ad but I was wondering if your plugin can take the value of this field ONLY and insert it into a Ajax dynamic scroller type of widget which would become a sort of a Shoutbox widget on the front end that only users with active posts and access to that custom field would be listed within.

If the user removes the text value, then the widget will update since it would be dynamic and exclude this user's "Travel notice field input.

Hope it made sense :slight_smile: