Limiting the number of sites a user can create


First off I just want to say thanks for this site and all the incredible themes and plugins! It makes setting up a membership site a bunch easier for us "not so technical" types.

Question: I'm trying to figure out how to limit the number of sites a member can create, per level. I've done a search, and most of the responses are more than a year old, so am wondering if there has been any functionality added to Membership or ProSites that will do this?


  • Kimberly
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    Welcome to WPMU! So glad you are enjoying your membership here :slight_smile: It really is a great community.

    Check out this WordPress Plugin

    It should fix you up, but keep your eyes peeled because I think they may be looking to putting this in a future update of ProSites :slight_smile:

    If this doesn't solve your issue please come back and mark this thread Not Resolved (you can find the box underneath your comment box) and give us a shout!



  • eagle1
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    Thanks Kimberly!

    I read in another response that this could be done via Membership, but can only find the ability to limit blog POSTS. I'm guessing there was some confusion.

    I'll check out the plugin, but from the description it looks like it only provides the function on a per-site basis, and isn't implementable by membership level. Let me know if you read this differently?

    Thanks again!

  • eagle1
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    It would appear it doesn't even allow site control, but rather applies to the whole network. Here's the description of what it does. Thought others might find this helpful - or set me straight if I'm misreading it! lol.

    "What It does

    It adds an option to the Network settings page when you are logged in as site admin of the wpmu site(or wpmu+buddyppress site),Look at the bottom of options page,and You will see a text box like this asking for number of blogs allowed per user.If you set it to zero(which is the default),It will not restrict the blog registration then."

  • Kimberly
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    Found this while hunting:

    Supporter status is tied to blogs not users. There is no such thing as a supporter user so you can't give a supporter user specific capabilities.

    Which reads as you can't do this I'm afraid.

    You could probably use the Membership Plugin along side this, but I'm going to tell you to wait because they are due to drop a MAJOR overhaul of Membership any day now, it may very well do what you are requesting.

    If you agree with the above, then feel free to mark as resolved (as the point is moot until the new membership plugin comes) and in the meantime I'll tag the developer on ProSites to stop in when he can.



  • Timothy
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    Unfortunately as you found, this isn't a feature of the Pro Sites plugin. I'm not sure if this is something which will be added, however if there is a enough interest form members then of course it will be considered.

    Is anyone else looking for this?

    Should this just be a straight forward option restrict number of blogs to X? Or should there be some other kind of options with this?

    I'll move this over to the feature request forums. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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