Limiting who can create adverts in either marketpress or classifieds via prosites

Hi folks.

I am creating an educational site, where teachers can adevertise for students and students can advertise they are looking for a teacher, I want students to be able to create adverts for free in classifieds and say pro level teachers only could create adverts in classifieds or sell material via marketpress. Would this be possible via pro sites as making the plugin availiable for only the user stypes?

  • Tom Eagles
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    I should have made this a bit clearer i meant to a centralised classified and marketpress system on the main domain,ie they can post adverts either from their dashboard to the main site or a pro site level check made that coulkd either conditionally hide menu items or ask for a payment if not at say pro level.

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey Tom,

    I get the idea, but I don't think you could use Pro Sites for this case. Pro Sites works on a Multisite where different sites are involved, not on a single site. It manages the capabilities of the site as such, not of the user.

    What you would need here is the Membership plugin. Though Membership doesn't have control over MarketPress or Classifieds, we can still figure this out.

    We would be using the "set associated role" option (under advanced tab) in Membership levels. What this basically does is, sets a WordPress role to a user in a particular level.

    Now we would need two roles (in WordPress). One role that can post Classifieds ads and nothing else and another role that can post classifieds and create products. You would need to use a role editing plugin like the members plugin to do this:

    There are capabilities specific to classifieds like edit_classifieds and publish_classifieds . Create one role that has only the classifieds capability.

    MarketPress uses the capabilities of WordPress POSTS. Create another role with the Classifieds capability + the Posts capability (like edit_posts and so on).

    Now create two levels in Membership. One for the free user and one for the paid. Set the associated roles for these levels as required. Now create the subscription plans.

    This should work, don't you think?

  • Tom Eagles
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    @Arun Basil Lal thanks for the ideas its a very cool way to approach it.

    The problem is that i am running a multisite where i would also need the features of pro sites for the blog creation system and features etc. Its an eductational site similar to edublogs. So each pro site user would have their own blog.

    Maybe an alternative would be to manually add the users to the members of the main site that would need access to the roles? but would this cause any conflicts with prosites? This way they would have the pro site setup and manually created membership level on the main site for accessing the classified and marketplace setup?

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