Limitless new domain options to define yourself online

Hello All

This is not a wordpress question but I want to know your thoughs?

What do you guys think about urls like or or

Pros and cons? Google positioning? SEO?

Thanks in advance!


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Waldemar,

    Hope you’re doing well today!

    I like the idea of the extension giving a more specific category to the site; I think that would make browsing for sites easier – ie. all restaurants have .rest – so if there is another business with the same name but different industry then you can clearly see which one you’re after.

    Which I guess is the intention of it all, but I don’t see that really coming into play for a long time since everyone still goes for .com :smiley:

    Maybe eventually it will require 2 extensions. – restaurant in Canada lol.

    As for SEO, I haven’t really looked much into the value of the extension SEO wise recently – I’m sure it’s changed since I last researched it too. I remember .org, .net, and .com being said to hold the most authority – I feel like that’s changed now. All about focusing on quality content.

    Again, that’s just my thoughts – I haven’t done a ton of research into it or anything :slight_smile:

    As for letting users define their own extensions(if that’s what your title refers too) I think that would just be chaos :smiley:

    Interesting question – thanks for posting Waldemar!



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