Link a form or pop up to a text link

I want to add an email opt in slide in form to a link. For example, when the user clicks on a “subscribe” text link, I want to display a slide in with a form they can fill in and submit. I would prefer that over redirecting them to another page with a form. How can I do that?

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    Hello Jon

    I hope you're well today!

    While Forminator Pro is a great form plugin I would recommend using Hustle for the task as it's designed specifically to do such things. You actually can even use both if you already have a form that you would want to use!

    That said, assuming that you got a working subscription from (from Forminator or other plugin) that you can place anywhere on site using a shortcode, here's what you could do to make it work as a slide-in triggered by clicking on "Subscribe" link:

    1. Install and activate our Hustle plugin:

    2. Everywhere across the site where you want the "Subscribe" link to be displayed, add a text element (any HTML element) using the same, specific ID. For example:

    <div id="slide-subscribe">Subscribe</div>

    3. Go to "Hustle Pro -> Slide-ins" page and click on "New Slide-in"
    4. On following screens there you'll be able to configure the "look&feel" of your slide in, it's content and behavior. I believe you'll find "your way through" but important parts here would be:

    - in "Content" section add your form shortcode into the "Main content"
    - since you already got your subscription form up and running, don't enable "Email collection module"
    - in "Display Settings" section you may ignore the "Slide-in display rules" but in "Slide-in triggers" part select "Click" option
    - in "Trigger after user clicks on existing element with this ID or Class" field put your ID that you used for "Subscribe" element; in our example it would be #slide-subscribe
    - configure other options there as per your liking/needs

    Once you publish the slide in, go visit any page where the "Subscribe" element is and click on it. It should then display your slide-in with a subscription form inside.

    A note: if you're using some external tool like MailChimp for handling subscriptions, you may actually use Hustle alone without any additional form as it already contains integrations with quite a lot of providers. This is what's the "Email collection module" is for which I previously suggested to be disabled (for use with already existing form) - if you want to directly ingrate Hustle's slide-in with a mailing provider, you can use this module instead.

    I hope that helps :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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