link between custom post types, custompress

Hi there.

First thanks very much for your great items. They all helped me a lot and i wish your services continue grow up and be very successful. Now as i’m a brand new member here, i will post my first support question and see how the support is going on. Hope it’s fantastic as many people said

Okay, let’s start

I’m using Custompress with 3 custom post types: BOOK, STUDENT and ORDER. My WP frontend won’t be published to visitors. My project is a BOOK management system so WP admin & front-end are only available for employees & managers.

When creating new ORDER, I want to link STUDENT and BOOK items to it. Because i want to know which BOOK and STUDENT belong to that ORDER.

WP 3.1 introduces an easy way to insert link to existing content. It’s called “link to existing content” feature. It also provides a search box so we can find items quickly. And it supports custom post type also.

So i think the easiest way to do is.

When adding new ORDER, i have 2 custom field boxes or custom boxes

STUDENT: [text box] [insert button]

BOOK: [text box] [insert button]

When i click insert button, it loads a window like “link to existing content feature”, then i can find a STUDENT or BOOK, click on the names i want and they will be shown into text box . :d easy huh?

Hope you guys can help me. I believe it’s just a small code and easy to create.

Appreciate for your help!!!!!!