Link BuddyPress username to user profile in Multisite

Hello Guys!!!

I was searching for a way to show BP user information on footer of user multisite blog. I found this article from Sarah Gooding:

So... My code Snippet is:

global $bp;
$thisblog = $current_blog->blog_id;
$user_id_from_email = get_user_id_from_string( get_blog_option($thisblog, 'admin_email'));
$myfield = xprofile_get_field_data( 'Nome', $user_id_from_email );
echo $myfield;

As the xprofile field I want to show is called Nome, so, now I want to know how can I link this xprofile field to the user profile? As my xprofile field shows username, I'd like it to link to user profile, so, another user who visits this user blog, can click on this admin username on the footer and go to user's profile.

Anyone know how can I do that?

Thanks guys!