Link locations wrong in admin bar drop down & can I create network profile page

Hi All,

I’m not sure if this would be better in general instead of domain mapping but the issue is as follows:

I’m using the domain mapping plugin and I have an issue which actually is on one of the non-mapped sites where under the My Sites menu in the admin bar the links aren’t navigating away from that subsites folder.

eg. The user is on the subsite.

and wants to click on the link to mainsite dashboard but the link takes the user to: which is where they already are.

I can live with this but I don’t want my users to get confused can I Hide the My Sites menu to only admins/editors and authors user groups?

I also have an issue where I want my site members only to get to their profile page on the parent site.

eg. the user is on a subsite:

And they click on their ‘name’ or ‘My Profile’ in the top right menu I want them to go to their profile page on the mainsite NOT the subsite.

Any ideas?