Link not working in article

Hi guys,

I was browsing through your Hummingbird documentation and found that the link "WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual" does not work but instead returns a page not found.

Also I see a lot of talk of using hummingbird alongside another caching plugin. Do you have any documentation on how to do this?


  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey Mike,

    How are you doing today?

    Thanks for bringing this up, I'll ping our writers so they can correct it, this is our manuals page here. I'll throw in few points for you for mentioning this :slight_smile:

    Now with regards to your question we don't really have a tutorial for this specifically, perhaps that's something else I could potentially suggest to our writers :slight_smile: The only thing that you really should be careful about is not using same functionality that is offered in Hummingbird just so you can avoid any possible conflicts.

    Lets say you're using W3 Total Cache, if you're using Hummingbird already you wanna make sure you're not using minification in W3 as Hummingbird already offers that so having both activated can create conflicts.

    There are more lightweight caching plugins like WP Super Cache so you might wanna try using that one and as I already mentioned all you have to worry about is just not activating browser caching, minificaiton, GZIP compression in any of the caching plugins that you decide to use and you should be fine. Caching plugins are definitely good to use alongside Hummingbird as full page caching that Hummingbird doesn't have yet can really help out with your site loading speed :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps, at least a bit :slight_smile:


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Mike, I'm working alongside Bojan here.

    Yes, you would still want to use a caching plugin as well.

    They do say there not to use Cloudflare with multiple caching plugins; however, Hummingbird isn't really a caching plugin, it only does browser caching, which you can leave turned off if you are using browser caching from another plugin.

    2. Do not turn on Auto Minify compression features at both Cloudflare and the caching plugin. You would want to have only one minify option running on your site at any time. You also don't want to install additional minify plugins if you're already using one.

    That's from the Cloudflare article above too, it says not to use minification with Cloudflare, but Hummingbird's Cloudflare integration was designed specifically so you CAN use minification with Cloudflare. Essentially it lets you control Cloudflare's minification from within the plugin :slight_smile:

    I'd suggest using WP Super Cache alongside Cloudflare and Hummingbird, as it's easy to setup and should result in less potential conflicts.

    If you have any trouble with that combo just let us know.

    All the best,

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