Link Submission Plugin for User Generated/Curated Content

I'm building a solution, where users will have 2 options

1. Register with my site and sync all posts from their blog to my site. (using your RSS importer plugin).

2. Submit selective posts (only link from their site), as and when needed. Expectation is, plugin will import heading, featured image and 30-50 chars from the user's post.

Looking for some solution for option 2.


  • Ivan

    Hey there Nitin,

    Hope you are having great weekend so far!

    I am not aware of any plugin that can scrap content from a normal WordPress page and import it on another one.
    I made a quick research, but wasn't able to find solution.

    The only thing close to this is the built in WordPress importer/exporter - but that will require the users to export their content, and it is not automated .

    If you find something on the topic please share as it would be interesting.
    Additionally if you are not able to find anything you can post a job and hire a pro at our job board, but this sounds like very complex project, and I am not even sure if it possible to do with steady results from different sites with different themes.

    The markup of these pages will be completely different from one to another.
    I believe that is the reason for using RSS - it standardize the content from the site more or less.
    Unfortunately you wont be able to use this here, because the RSS feed on a page shows the comments on that page.


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