Link submission/tagging/voting/commenting plugin for BuddyPress (similar to Digg)?

As the title suggests, I am looking for a plugin that will allow members to share links, and vote and comment on them. Basically, I like the idea behind for finding great stories, but I only care about the links that my members are interested in rather than the whole Digg community.

I am only just in the development stage for my network (niche business community), and considered basing it around Pligg. However, even though this feature is important to me, it is not the core of the network which Pligg sites generally are.

There is a BuddyPress plugin - BuddyPress Links - but there doesn't seem to have been any development for months, particularly since Wordpress 3. Even if it was updated, I am nervous about plugins developed by just one person - basing a key part of my community on a free plugin that could disappear at each wordpress update doesn't excite me!

Any suggestions as to where I should look, and/or is this something wpmudev might consider?