Link thumbnail to header image and move site title to underneath header image

In the past, I have asked the question 1 below and part of it been resolve, but what I really want is describe in question 2 below.

Question 1

I installed the blog directory and i also install the avatar plugin. In my website i will have a lot of user sites which I listed under the tab called “salon listing” What I would like is when some one visit my website to look for a salon option, they click on “salon listing” tab, then that page will show all the salons name (user sites) within that tab page. My question is how can i manage my “salon listing” page to show all my user sites to display like a thumbnail looking page with their site logo and business name so visitor just click on the thumbnail (avatar logo) then it direct them to the site?

Question 2:

A. Is there a way that this thumbnail link directly to site user header image instead link to avatar?

B. Is there way that I can move site title to underneath header image.

I’ll be happy to grant you access to my site to help you better helping me if you show me how to give you access.