Linking BuddyPress signup with Protected Content


I'm trying to create a membership with the following features:
-Free registration
-Restricted content available to members who sign up
-A page with speakers/talkhosts
-Speakers should be able to login and edit their profile, and also upload files for download. These files should be restricted content.

I'm facing a few challenges.

If I use BuddyPress:
-Sign up process is easy and good.
-I can use BuddyDrive for file upload
-BuddyPress can't seem to restrict content out of the box

If I use WPMUDEV Protected Content:
-Sign up process involves more steps
-Speaker can't upload files (e.g. presentations)

I was wondering if I could use BuddyPress to sign up users, and automatically have those users subscribed to the free tier of Protected Content membership? That way I can have the best of both worlds? I think there is some sort of BuddyPress & WPMUDEV integration?

If not, is there a recommended solution to this?