Linking Directly to Level Checkout Page

Hi all,

I'm having to build out a highly customized workflow for registration and upgrading due to my use of a few plugins that don't play well with M2. Let me explain how it currently works without M2.

Running latest version of Wordpress with Buddypress on a very robust dedicated cloud environment.

Guest visits website and clicks on Register >> Buddypress Registration Page >>

From there plugins take control. I use Auto-Login After Registration to auto-login new user and redirect to either profile or activity.

In an ideal world that auto-login re-direct would point to a custom page with custom pricing tables. This is where they could opt-out and continue on for free to use all the Buddypress and BBPress features for free without having to utilize M2.

What I can't figure out how to do is link directly to the checkout page with the "Pay With Card" button for specified level. In other words, I want the following:

Visit homepage >> Click Register >> Registration Page >> Submit New Account Information >> Autologin >> Redirect to Upgrade Landing Page With pricing Table >> Each Table/Tier Has Upgrade Now Button >> Each Upgrade Button Points to Final Checkout Page with "Pay with Card" button for that specified level.

So how can I get URL's for that final "join membership" page for each tier/level?

Thanks in advance.