Linking Marketpress to automatically enrol students on Coursepress


I have spent the last week using a Paypal Button because I couldn’t spend anymore time trying to make your plugins work. I’ve tried again today and really need your help. I am not a developer.

Could you walk me through how I set up marketpress to connect with coursepress to automatically allow students to enrol from their order.

Also, there is no option for coursepress in type of product. This means I have to choose either digital download, tangible product or external. I have been using digital download which then sends an email saying download here but there’s nothing to download. Do you have an option? If not, why are advertising marketpress to sell courses on coursepress?

Could you explain how Marketpress actually works with coursepress because I feel I am really missing something and I really need your help to get this fixed once and for all. I’ve granted access just in case you need it. Please feel free to check out my previous requests for help to show just how difficult this has been.

Also, your plugins affect coursepress and marketpress so I have had to switch off all other plugins. Will you be rectifying this?

Thank you.