linking products in marketpress to events+

My primary need is to used Events+ with payments. I see in order to use it I have to implement Marketpress. So I've done that and created a single product category for the events (called events). I have also created two products and linked it to two(2) events. Everything seems to be working. However, do I have to create a product for every single event?

I will have A LOT of repeating event-types but the content changes. However, the product I link the event to doesn't need to change. But it doesn't look like I can have multiple events linked to a single product.

On the product I've set it to not track inventory. I've also tried defining 9999 for inventory. Either way it doesn't look like two events can be linked back to a single "event" product. Do you have any advice or have I missed something in its use of Marketpress?