Linking site category with themes

Really great plugin! Congrats to Paul!
Perfect for MU installation, makes all sites really organized and enhance their visibility.
I really like how it is integrated with PROSITES. From the settings I can set pro users to choose more categories, great. But is it possible to link categories with themes?

This way when a user create a site and choose some categories will see all themes related. For example, if I choose portfolio and photography categories I see all portfolio and photography themes I suggested. Or if a pro user choose e-commerce will see all e-commerce themes and so on.

categories themes: what I'm talking would look a bit like we set in prosites premium theme.

I think is really great how you guys interact your plugins, makes me use almost everything from WPMUDEV

So, this feature could go to PROSITES, if a prosite user has this plugin activated could choose to write at each theme the categories suggested.

  • aecnu

    Greetings ingridlima,

    Thank you for this great question, it is certainly appreciated.

    But is it possible to link categories with themes?

    Though I do know that this would take super heavy coding and integration to make this happen, before sending this ticket to the applicable feature requests area, I will invite @Paul in here for his comments since his is indeed the lead developer of the Site Categories plugin and of course for him to see the compliments directed towards his coding skills.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

  • ingridlima

    Well Paul, if you as a great developer are stuck imagine me, just a fashion designer lol but when I pictured this working was really integrated with the PROSITES plugin. Would show up a sentence below this one "Only disabled network themes are shown in this list." explaining if Site Category is installed with categories created, you can also set witch themes is indicated for each category created. This could be done in two ways, you see what one is more reasonable.

    Only then this option is activated will show this column between Minimum Level and theme Theme "category" than a drop down with all categories activated and user can ctrl+shift to select all the categires

    Just after "premium themes" and before "settings" a sites category menu :slight_smile:
    In the same formula of "premium theme" but replacing "Minimum Level" for site category.

    The great deal of making this integrated: will increase the value of prosites and also people that don't think is necessary to use site category plugin will be motivated to create categories to showcase better option of themes for their users.

    Believe me, regular people have a hard time to choose themes!

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