Linking to Non-Existent Wikis (Migrating from MediaWiki to Wiki Pro)

I have a large-ish Wiki powered by MediaWiki. The combination of plugins that are sometimes in development, often not, plus the difficult means of updating means I am looking to migrate over to a Wiki plugin powered by WordPress.

While I get that exporting the two systems is likely difficult and time-consuming, I'm willing to do it IF I can have the assurance that creating articles is more or less the same.

While I can create a Wiki article (Wikis) no problem, there doesn't seem to be an intuitive way to make a link to a non-existent Wiki page, the way you do in MediaWiki with the two brackets. [[Link|Link Text]] or similar.

When I try to create a new page from a completed Wiki, it makes it a Sub-Wiki, which I DON'T want.

Am I missing something?