Links do not work when elements are Grouped

I set up a series of groups: a post element with an image is in a group.

The links do not work when elements are grouped.

Can you explain why, and when it will be fixed? Also , it would be great to have an element that is a text/post with an image in the same element.

When I set the Post element to use the featured image, I get crazy results that cannot be used.

Perhaps someone should look at all the elements available in Optimize Press page builder, there are many in there that could be useful in UpFront.

I really like this system. PLEASE get the page cloning, and constant sidebar features ASAP.

I still have not been able to edit a template and apply it to a new page. That has cost me, basically, all day today to do things that a feature like this would do in a few minutes. That is not good.