Links in the featured slider, change the slider section color, background image,etc.


I was wondering how can I modify the Featured section. Things like adding links to the images in the slideshow that redirect to their posts, changing the configuration of this section like height, colors and things that aren’t available to modify in theme options. Your themes are just so complicated that I cannot find the appropriate css/javascript code to modify in order to do these things

Also, there seems to be a problem if your Services Settings. If I choose post-mode, the posts contents exceeds the space in which it should be contained and overwrites the neighboring posts.

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    Hi tuscun and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    The CSS for the featured slider is contained in _inc/css/base.css in the theme folder. Most notably you’ll see the following:

    #left-panel {margin: 0px; padding: 35px 0px 25px; float: left; width: 450px;}

    #intro-featured-img img {margin: 0px; padding: 0px; float: left; max-width: 100%; height: auto; border: 0px none;}

    The alterations there regarding the dimensions could get quite extensive, so it’s not something we can provide for ourselves but hopefully the CSS file will get you where you need to go there. :slight_smile:

    Also, within the theme folder you’ll find the folder /lib/templates/wp-template/. There are two files, feat-cat.php and feat-post.php. You should be able to make the edits to get the images linked to their respective posts.

    Specifically, on lines 34 and 40 of feat-post.php an on line 16 of feat-cat.php, you’ll see the following:

    <?php wp_custom_post_thumbnail($the_post_id=$the_post_ids , $with_wrap='no', $wrap_w='', $wrap_h='', $title=get_the_title(), $fetch_size='large', $fetch_w='600', $fetch_h='200',$alt_class='full feat-thumb'); ?>

    That line is exactly the same in all three of those places and you can change it to the following:

    <a href="<?php echo the_permalink(); ?>"><?php wp_custom_post_thumbnail($the_post_id=$the_post_ids , $with_wrap='no', $wrap_w='', $wrap_h='', $title=get_the_title(), $fetch_size='large', $fetch_w='600', $fetch_h='200',$alt_class='full feat-thumb'); ?></a>

    And that should get them to link to their respective posts.

    I didn’t notice any trouble as you were mentioning with the Services Settings being set to post-mode. Could you get us a screenshot to illustrate what you’re seeing there?



  • tuscun
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    Thanks for the quick response!

    I tried adding a screenshot but it probably was to big the first time. Anyway, I cropped it this time.

    Maybe it's the way I wrote my dummy text, but I expected the theme to nicely summarize the posts in their allotted space. As you can see, that`s not happening.



  • tuscun
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    Hi Richie_ks,

    No, not reason to input that particular text. It`s just something I wrote in a hurry to see how it works. I realize now that because there are no commas or other stuff, that string acts like a single word and the wrapper fails to wrap it :slight_smile:. Stupid me.. Sorry for your time.



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