Links not clickable on mobile


On this website :

I use this plugin :

With this theme :

There is a bug, we cannot click the recipes links on this page on mobile, iPhone and Android :

I contacted theme author and they tell me to contact plugin author
I contacted plugin author and he tells me to contact theme author

When I change theme to default WP theme Twenty Something, links are cliquable, there is no bug

It seems it's a conflict with the theme
But we are just talking about simple links like <a href="">

Could you WP SuperHeroes find where the bug comes from and how to make the recipes links clickable on mobile ?

It would be a nice christmas gift
Many thanks in advance

  • James Morris

    Hello Jean,

    I hope you are well today.

    I've taken a pretty thorough look at the issue and it seems to be related to JavaScript. When I disable the styles in the plugin, the problem still exists. When you use a default theme, the problem does not exist. This indicates that it is a theme related issue. Also, I've determined that the issue happens below the 480px break-point. Meaning, when the screen size is 480px or above, the link is clickable. But, at 479px and below, the links are no longer clickable.

    The best I've been able to determine is there is something in the theme's JavaScript that triggers at that break-point.

    May I suggest contacting the theme developer and pointing this information out to them? Once they know that it's not related to the plugin and have more troubleshooting information to go by, they may be able to isolate the issue more effectively.

    Best regards,

    James Morris