Links to Hub from WPMUDEV Dashboard are effectively broken unless already signed in to

Hi, so this is maybe not really a 'bug' I guess, perhaps more of a UX issue…

Basically, if I'm not already logged in to the dashboard links are non-functional for intended use of being a handy link to my hub… its actually quite annoying (esp bcs not opened in new tab).

There are three links from WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin UI to non-public pages that redirect badly if visited directly when not already logged in –> by badly, I mean that the browser hangs for ~45 seconds until it finally is redirected to a publicly accessible page (… this is extra annoying bcs the links are not made to open in a new tab/window by default.

Links locations in dashboard:

At network/admin.php?page=wpmudev-support

– the 'View All' button links to

At network/admin.php?page=wpmudev

– the 'Go To My Hub' button links to

– the arrow button for 'The Hub' links to

– the arrow button for 'Support' links to

– the arrow button for 'Community' links to

So, I ran the above link targets through

…and they all show same thing:

hanging at an intermediary redirect to /account/

before getting finally kicked to /hub-welcome/

…interestingly, I tried appending arbitrary characters like

which for whatever reason doesn't get hung, instead redirects quickly to

so there is obviously something not quite right in how the redirects are being handled for the various non-public URLs – at least, if those URLs are going to be included in a product where it is unknown if the user is currently logged in to in the same browser they are using to access their WP.

(also, imo, way better to open links in new tab)

Cheers, Max