List blogs with Avatars (list-all + avatars plugins)

So I've almost got this working...except I can't get "$bid" to process correctly within the "get_avatar" string.

Outside of "get_avatar()" i can get the $bid to display like this:

. $bid .

But doing that within get_avatar() breaks the code...I'm sure this has to be a pretty simple php syntax error that can be overcome but I don't have all that much experience.

Here's the code I'm looking at in list-all.php:

echo $begin_wrap . get_avatar($bid,'32',get_option('avatar_default')) . "<a href='http://" . $tmp_domain . $tmp_path . "'>" . $tmp_display . "</a>" . $end_wrap; 


echo $begin_wrap . "<a href='" . $tmp_domain . "'>" . $tmp_display . "</a>" . $end_wrap;

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