list & description of MarketPress shortcodes

Where can I find a list/description of MarketPress shortcodes?

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    I do not see a link to a list of shortcodes within any of the plugin menus, as suggested in the first response to this thread. Perhaps the feature has changed or moved since this thread was originally posted. But I found the answer in the plugin’s source code (/wp-content/plugins/marketpress/includes/public/class-mp-short-codes.php); and for anyone who finds this thread, here is a list of the MarketPress shortcodes:

    mp_tag_cloud – a “product tag cloud”

    mp_list_categories – list your product categories

    mp_dropdown_categories – display product categories as a selectable dropdown menu

    mp_featured_products – list your store’s featured products

    mp_popular_products – list your store’s most popular products

    mp_related_products – list items similar to the one currently being viewed

    mp_list_products – list all your products

    mp_product – display a specific product with the product_id argument

    mp_product_image – display a product’s image

    mp_buy_button – a buy button

    mp_product_price – the product price

    mp_product_meta – show product meta data

    mp_product_sku – the product’s sku

    mp_product_stock – how many of this product are in stock

    mp_cart – display the cart interface

    mp_cart_widget – display the widgetized cart

    mp_checkout – a checkout page for your store

    mp_order_status – the store’s order status page

    mp_order_lookup_form – show a form for customers to look up an order

    mp_cart_link – show a link to the cart page

    mp_store_link – show a link to the store page

    mp_products_link – show a link to the currently set product list page, if set

    mp_orderstatus_link – show a link to the order status page

    mp_store_navigation – show store nav links

    I hope that helps!

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