List for Appointments+ Shortcodes?


I am looking for just the List for Appointments+ Shortcodes?
Could any member, salon professional kindly copy and paste it to this email?

Please I am NOT asking for any other support as I have done so already by giving a rep my user and password plus my FTP user and password to my accounts as he requested and he NEVER even LOGIN even after I emailed him several more times (if you click on my post history, you can see it).

I purchased this Appointments+ plugin on MARCH 2, patiently waited before deciding to CANCEL on MARCH 15 but decided to give it a try. It's finally working BUT I do not see the Shortcodes.

So that is all I'm asking for is the Shortcodes list as I checked this forum and I do not see it or the screen shot link is broken.

Please just take a screen shot of your computer and provide me with the Appointments+ Shortcode.

Thank you.

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