List of 10 non PHP7-compatible (installed) WPMU plugins

Hi WPMU Dev,

I am really pressed for upgrading to PHP7 to improve the speed of the site.
I just ran the PHP Compatibility Plugin and found A LOT of WPMU Plugins that are not PHP7 compatible.

Here's the list (of the ones I've installed on several installs). Could priority be given to making all plugins fully PHP7 compliant. This is IMO more important than blog posts at the moment as I've come the WPMU community to be ahead of anyone else.

Having all plugins PHP7 compliant would be a nice badge of honor for the home page, and would indicate that WPMU is committed not just to great support, but to making sure we can rely on its plugins to migrate to the fastest possible scripting language and hence increased server performance.

Fundraising - 4 errors
Hustle - 1 error
Marketpress - 4 warnings + 8 errors
Moderation - 4 errors
Private Message - 2 warnings - 5 errors
Snapshot - Unknown
Social Marketing - 2 errors
Ultimate Facebook - 5 errors
WP Hummingbird - 1 error
WPMU Dev Dashboard - 4 warnings - 1 errors (!)

By the way, what would make a good plugin is: one that checks compatibility like PHP compatibility checkers (or works alongside it) and pings all of the developers for a request to make their plugin compatible to PHPx.x.

That way they would see that some people rely on their scripts and they may fix it, or even open up the project to fellow developers...


  • Dimitris

    Hey there chrisatx,

    hop you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    I just tested the plugins you've mentioned with PHP Compatibility Checker plugin and my results are:

    Debug Bar
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    Private Messaging
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    Query Monitor
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    Social Marketing
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    Twenty Seventeen
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    Twenty Seventeen Child Theme
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    Ultimate Facebook
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    WP Hummingbird
    PHP 7.0 compatible.
    WPMU DEV Dashboard
    PHP 7.0 compatible.

    I guess you used another compatibility checker plugin, could you please point this to me to further test?

    I also want to add that we have made already some PHP 7 compatibility checks and n some cases (like the WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin) there're some code snippets that provide backwards compatibility. That scanner I used cannot differentiate backwards compatible code, which is why it will throw false alarms for a great many popular plugins, even though it didn't seem to do anything relevant in my test.

    Warm regards,

      • chrisatx

        There is something really weird going on.

        I have two VPS accounts on my reseller server so they share some resources. Both have an identical setup. Server 1 listed the plugins as incompatible. Server 5 (just now) listed them as compatible. I ran both tests at the same time so the only thing I can think of is that running the same script somehow caused it to show an old compatibility log.

        I'm running another test as we speak on server 1. Never seen anything like this, as I've ran the tests multiple times today....

        • chrisatx

          So on my server 5, only installed WPMU Plugin showing as not compatible indeed is
          WPMU Dev Dashboard:
          ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOUND 1 ERROR AND 4 WARNINGS AFFECTING 5 LINES
          77 | ERROR | Extension 'mysql_' is deprecated since PHP 5.5 and removed since PHP 7.0 - use mysqli instead.
          313 | WARNING | Function name "__render_list" is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use
          334 | WARNING | Function name "__error_reporting" is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use
          376 | WARNING | Function name "__value_format" is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use
          390 | WARNING | Function name "__const_format" is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use

          On my server 1 it also shows as:
          Moderation - 4 errors - possibly not compatible
          Private Messaging - 2 warnings - 5 errors - possibly not compatible
          Snapshot - unknown
          Social Marketing - 2 errors
          Ultimate facebook - 5 warnings
          WPMU Dev Dashboard - 4 warnings - 1 errors.

          Both servers run the same environment, same PHP, same everything and have all plugins updated to the latest version.

          Any clues?

  • Dimitris

    Hey there chrisatx,

    I really appreciate the access and info provided here! :slight_smile:
    I just dig that up a bit and here's my findings:

    1. WPMU Dev Dashboard
    The error displayed is about the backwards compatibility functions I talked about. This isn't anything to worry about, the rest of codebase is fully PHP7 compatible.

    2. Ultimate facebook
    These errors are already reported and will be addressed in future releases.

    3. Social Marketing
    These are simple warnings. No worries here.

    4. Private Messaging
    5. Moderation
    New bug reports created. Again, those will be addressed and included in future releases.

    Appreciate your time here, have a good one,
    Dimitris :slight_smile:

  • Dimitris

    Hey there chrisatx,

    hope you're doing good today! :slight_smile:

    By the way, if there is a way to fix the false positive on the WPMU Dev Dashboard via the plugin, it would be great. Dealing with a lot of plugins is hard enough. Dealing with another layer of 'false positives' further complicates things

    This isn't something that can be done in our behalf at the moment. This backwards compatibility code should stay in place and even if removed it will come up in a future update most probably.

    Just came across another plugin User Reports that has PHP7 problems. FYI

    I just confirmed and forwarded this to our dev team. I really appreciate the testing provided here! :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,

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