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  • Michelle Shull
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    Bon jour, @Françoise!

    Oui! You can use a shortcode with a variety of arguments to list out upcoming appointments:



    Inserts a table that displays all upcoming appointments.


    Title text.
    Example: [app_all_appointments ... title="All Appointments"]


    Which status(es) will be included. Possible values: paid, confirmed, completed, pending, removed, reserved or combinations of them separated with comma.

    Allowed values: paid, confirmed, pending, completed, removed, reserved

    Example: [app_all_appointments ... status="paid,confirmed"]


    Sort order of the appointments. Possible values: ID, start. Optionally DESC (descending) can be used, e.g. "start DESC" will reverse the order.

    Default: "start". Note: This is the sort order as page loads. Table can be dynamically sorted by any field from front end (Some date formats may not be sorted correctly).

    Example: [app_all_appointments ... order_by="start"]

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Francoise,

    Hope you're doing well today! Thanks for your patience here.

    We can remove the columns by editing the shortcode in the template files. It will be as easy as adding in a couple slashes :slight_smile:

    If you open up the class_app_shortcodes.php file located:


    Then around like 1440 you will see the code for the all appointments template. I have attached a screenshot to illustrate this. All you need to do is put two slashes (ie. "//":wink: in front of the rows for the content you don't want showing.

    Hope this helps Francoise! If you need any further assistance with this just let us know. More than happy to help.

    All the best,

    PS. If you ever update appointments+ you will need to back in and add the slashes, so keep note of where they go :slight_smile:

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